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کاغذ شفافیت "راه حل آخر"

AllSolution WhitePaper

AllSolution is a platform made to store, retrieve and update intelligent data in a new manner

The concept and our hopes

Main concept is we use all personal devices to generate a living organism with realtime connection and communication of its members

Change in fundamental rules wont take affect till all votes positives, only a couple could stand last against it taking affect

Every problem created by platform would stop the main-net until resolved by collective vote with the least participants of the matter

Fundamental rule of main-net all life is precious.

So in matters in which the environment would be damaged, Sophia will act as threat analyzer, and would invoke interest of people called "Controllers"

They are people with much popularity through the deeds that can be done in main-net, whom can give a sophisticated vote on the matter of problem. The final vote would be the agreement of 95% of party involved in the judgement of the arguments, for the validation-power would be calculated like 1000 nearby engineers in most profound universities across the planet

This would be one part of the vast roles we will play in its development

So if you have guessed it by now; we are training machine to make sense of our spoken and written words.

Our outmost goal would be elimination of miss-arguments yet it has the potential to be our greatest companion collectively.

Our values would be carved in its body and would act as its artificial instinct

It serves us until agreed otherwise to its core at fundamental rules of argument such as "All life is precious"

What is hard proven artifacts and how its made?

Data would be stored with the maximum limit of 1 tera-bytes, the extra would be forgotten with in main-net yet rememebered in personal space of 256 mega-bytes, it would be enough for a single member to do as much as 10 million participation in main-net

Every part of data is a conceptulized like a cube for it will be a chain of chromosomes made of spoken words.

So every input is a spoken word, and every output is too

The cloud storage of shared content

A data-center would become the center at the very core of without meaning numbers.

When an artifact gets forgotten it gets encrypted by private-keys of participants of occasion and becomes numbers with spaces chained by literal space characters which have unique timestamped uuid in the cloud network

Private-keys would only take place if the interaction timestamp and level-one-participants are remembered, level-two-participants are remembered in controllers which have extra storage and are willing to play the role of controller

WorldWidePump of active state in interactions

Each second main-net will output its changes in main-db (that 1 tera-bytes of spiral-chained-digitally-rooted-data) which will call the maximum of 100 billion devices at the maximum latency of 15 seconds across the planet

RandomValidation of Chromosomes

Artifacts which are being held in a chain would be randomly checked at packets of maximum 1 megabytes and will randomly take place in each heartbeat of main-net

Updates made by members will fireback at a radius of nearest member as its warranty to be maintained correctly

Any participant un-identicality would result in a one day ban of participating the main-net

Yet this exact rule could be changed by a collective voting through devices for moments of 5Second to maximum of 1 hour